Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Describing People - IELTS Speaking

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Practicing for the IELTS speaking exam can be a lot of fun, especially with small groups of students. However, a lot of IELTS preparation books and courses teach really stale and boring vocabulary! An IELTS examiner will spot a memorized passage from a mile away, so you need to focus on bringing some more natural words and phrases to their speech.
This document contains several example descriptions that can help the student prepare to describe a person. These don't focus on the person's appearance, but rather their achievements and personality, in order to provide a brief biographical sketch. This person could be famous or they could be a family member; it could be a teacher or cartoon character. The point is to get some new vocabulary and to make interesting descriptions.
Try introducing some of the phrases on this sheet and discussing their meaning from the class. Try to elicit examples of how they could be used, and then give out the sheet to show the students the practical examples.
Finally, have the students practice making up their own descriptions, and encourage them to use some of these phrases in their own descriptions.

Click HERE to download the document

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