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Hello, 안녕하세요, 你好, etc

My name is David and I've been working as an ESL teacher since 2008. I have worked in China, Taiwan, and South Korea as an English teacher, with students as young as two and as old as seventy! Mostly, though, I focus on teaching university students.

I began posting some lesson plans a few years ago when I temporarily quit teaching to focus on my writing and editing career. (I edit a literary journal called Beatdom.) Back then, I posted some of my favourite lessons on this site so that other teachers may benefit from them.

In 2016, after doing the CELTA course in Thailand, I thought that I would begin posting materials again. For one thing, posting materials here made me go back through my old work and put more effort into upgrading it. I tend to use and reuse old materials, changing it a little every year. Hopefully by posting it here, more teachers will be able to enjoy it.

I'm posting all this material few free, and you are welcome to download, alter, and use it in your lessons. I would be greatly appreciative if you share anything you like with other teachers.


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